Is There A Fluoride Battle in Your Dental Practice Area?

The city council of Decherd, TN recently decided to deliberate the idea of discontinuing its water fluoridation program as a means to save money. The measure would have saved the city $3000 a year in the city budget.  However, the state would have also required the city to notify the citizens in advance by letter which would have cost the city another $8000.  Glen Hyde DDS commented that “fluoride in drinking water has been one of the greatest successes in public health………it decreases the number of cavities in kids and there is really no reason for the city to get rid of fluoride”. Winchester dentists Dr. Cory Glenn, Dr. Garrett Orr, and Dr. Jeff Wall attended the subsequent town meeting where it was to be discussed further prepared to fight the proposal.  However, upon seeing the resistance of the local dental community, the city council decided to drop the idea from consideration.  Decherd Water Superintendant Wesley Parks agreed that it’d be best to leave the topic alone until need be.  “I just brought the idea to the board as a way the department could save money, but it kind of kicked up a hornets nest,” Parks said. “I think we should just keep doing what we’re doing and at some point we might need to look at it again.”  Dr. Cory Glenn did have the opportunity to provide the council with the ADA’s summary on water fluoridation pointing out that for every $1 spent on fluoridation, communities save an average $38 in related healthcare costs.


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